Mitchell & Ness

From the basketball court to a game day fit out, it’s common knowledge that Mitchell & Ness has long been the go-to for sporting apparel. Established in 1904 in Philly, Pennsylvania, Mitchell & Ness was founded by a former wrestling champ Frank P. Mitchell and avid golfer, Charles M. Ness. It wasn’t long before the label became a lead supplier in Major League Baseball uniforms and later expanded to NBA basketball jerseys.

These days Mitchell & Ness is an industry giant, making quality threads for the NFL, NHL, MLS, MLB and NBA. With a solid reputation for creating vintage jerseys and classic headwear for all the top teams, NAR is proud to be the on-court partner for the NBL.


Home to countless legends, The National Basketball Association’s merchandise continues to perform well. The numbers have consistently climbed every year because everyone knows – NBA fans are dedicated!


NFL runs in America’s blood. Official merchandise is in high demand as The National Football League franchises make up over half of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world.


Mitchell & Ness is currently the official apparel partner to the National Basketball League. Fans should be lining up for classic Mitchell & Ness Apparel.