Crep Protect

This one’s for all the sneakerheads. For those who take their sneaker game seriously, you know there’s nothing worse than stains on a pair of box fresh shoes. Enter Crep Protect. A range that covers all the bases for keeping shoes in top condition. From a breathable spray barrier that protects shoes from liquids, to a pill-like capsule that keeps shoes smelling as fine as they look. Crep Protect is the companion that sneakers should never be without.


Your kicks are precious, so protect them with the ultimate rain and stain resistant barrier. One application gives up to 4 weeks of protection from liquids.


The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit is the holy grail of shoe cleaning – everything you need including a cleaning solution, brush and microfibre cloth.


Crep Protect Wipes are the ultimate shoe cleaners. They’re double sided – a rough side for stains and a soft side for general cleaning. 1 tin comes with 12 wipes.


The Crep Protect Pill keeps odours away on a daily basis to ensure your kicks smell as fresh as they look.